Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Original title: Ghost
Title: Ghost / 유령 


Kim Woo Hyun, an elite police detective in the cyber investigation division, goes after criminals who perpetrate crimes online or try to hide their identities in cyberspace. These cyber-criminals can’t be seen and are hard to pin down, just like a ghost. Even the police force’s top brain like Woo Hyun will meet his match as he tries to pursue these dangerous and secretive criminals on the Internet. How will he be able to track the shadows that lurk online?. (source: Viki)

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Credit to: Cyberghosts Team


  1. omgosh the rate at which subs are released are ridiculous!!! SO FAST :O amazing work! thanks so much for caring enough to share :D

  2. wow...i give u 100 star...sooooo fast

  3. Wow, I've been looking for these everywhere! Thanks so much! :)